About Us:
Mission & Leadership

At Driven we are fueled by a commitment to proactivity, partnerships and highly tailored solutions

What We’re All About

Driven is a cloud native service provider transforming the way companies leverage technology to improve business by securing, modernizing, and connecting applications, users, and data.

At Driven Technologies, our message is simple: The world has changed, driven by new cyber threats, a growing hybrid workforce, multi-cloud applications, emerging business models, or any number of other seismic shifts from what used to be defined as a ‘normal’ work environment. The solutions provider world also needs to change and adapt with the market and the changing needs of IT customers.

We have a simple strategy. Hire the best and brightest engineers who believe in our vision to secure, modernize, and connect multi-cloud applications, data, and users, and give them one goal … To help customers meet and exceed their business objectives.

Please feel free to browse our website to see where our core competencies lie, or better yet, reach out to our sales team to have a conversation about how we are providing value to our customers today.

Our Core Values


At Driven, we believe in empowering every team member to optimize their role and potential. Each employee is chosen to be a part of a mission we embrace every day, and we believe each team member is critical to our success. Every team member is entrusted as a subject matter expert to contribute to the strategy, direction, and culture of our organization.


We believe we are the best at what we do. But more importantly, we are the best at what we do, because of the contributions our team members make every single day for our customers. We motivate our team members to be proactive, collaborative and determined in everything we do.


Raise your hand. Have a question, idea, or a concern? Bring it forward. Driven believes in a culture that creates a humble space for team members to express themselves. Our employees’ wealth of experience and knowledge is what makes Driven great, and we are committed to building a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation. There are no bad ideas, and there are no silly questions. Raise your hand, share your opinion and perspective. Be a part of our continuous improvement and evolution.


We work hard for one another. One of our deepest held beliefs is that genuine collaboration is the key to a successful company and culture, and as a result, there is no room for nonsense. Accountability, authenticity, and transparency are the ideals we uphold, and expect each team member to not only embody these ideals, but hold other employees answerable to the same.


We are dreamers, and we believe in the power of what people can do when they come together with the same mission of making a positive impact. The passion that resonates within our team members makes us who we are, and we challenge all employees to lead with heart in everything we do. We also recognize the need for balance, both professionally and personally, and are committed to building a culture that defines business success not just financially but on our ability to have a social impact on our employees and customers.

Leadership Team

Driven Technologies’ leadership team brings decades of combined experience and wide range of work for clients of all shapes and sizes, from very diverse industries.

Rudy Casasola

President & CEO

Vinu Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Fletcher

Chief Financial Officer

Kristen Bshara

SVP, Finance

Lisa Loeffler

VP, Human Resources

Jaime Mehnert

SVP, Operations

Nick Monos


Michael Morrison

SVP, Managed Services & Security Sales

Tony Panella

VP, Sales

Jeff Ridge

VP, Security & Risk

Roman Rodichev

SVP, Solutions Engineering
Investors / Board of Directors

Rudy Casasola

President & CEO

Jim Fleming

Board Member

Patrick Hendy

Board Member