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ARMOR from Driven Technologies

An Ultra Secure IT Posture Is Mission Critical To Your Business
trillions of dollars in damage from cyberattacks predicted annually by 2025
2015 – 2025 predicted increase in damage from cyberattacks
billions of dollars spent in 2021 on cybersecurity

Keeping Your Operation Safe Beyond Today’s Threats

We believe understanding where your business is operating currently and what your future goals are, with an emphasis on understanding where IT threats are coming from and the potential effects they have on your unique business risks.

With well-documented attacks becoming more sophisticated and evolving constantly as your business needs do the same, we must continuously adapt to ensure that your organization’s overall security posture is maintained proactively.

Only by understanding what is important to your business can we help you secure it effectively … our continuous lifecycle, which we call ARMOR™ (Assess, Remediate, Monitor, Operate, Regulate)

Driven Technologies’ ARMOR™ DNA

Client First Approach

We are a customer centric organization. We understand our clients’ business issues with cloud, enterprise, and edge security. We provide the technology solutions that deliver the necessary business benefits and continuity.

Security Centric Culture

This can’t be overstated. Security isn’t something we also do as an add-on to other services. It’s what we bring to everything we do and build.

Hybrid Cloud

Datacenter, infrastructure, legacy applications. Everyone can do that, and so can we. We understand the complexities of securing next generation cloud solutions in hybrid environments.

Market Leading Solutions

We’ll make thoughtful vendor alignments to present with industry leaders so that we can provide our customers comprehensive and well-integrated solutions.

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