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AXIOM from Driven Technologies

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It’s important to carefully consider the benefits and costs of modernizing an application before embarking on the process, and to plan and execute the modernization effort carefully. Which is where AXIOM™ (Architect, XForm, Innovate, Operate, Manage) comes in.
percentage of organizations where CIO, CISO, or equivalent were held accountable for cybersecurity in 2021
companies’ share of total log volume visibility (up from 30%)
percentage of organizations worldwide that will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains by 2025
Modernizing applications refers to the process of updating or upgrading an existing application to improve its performance, functionality, security, and user experience. There are several ways to modernize applications, including:

Upgrading to a newer version of the application:

This could involve moving from an older version of an application to a newer one, or upgrading the application to take advantage of new features and functionality.

Refactoring or redesigning the application:

This could involve reorganizing the codebase, improving the application’s architecture, or redesigning the user interface to make it more user-friendly.

Migrating the application to a new platform or technology:

This could involve moving the application from an older platform or technology to a newer one, such as from on-premises to the cloud, or from a legacy language to a modern one.

Adding new features or functionality:

This could involve enhancing the application to provide new capabilities or improve its performance.

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