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Driven is a cloud native service provider transforming the way companies leverage technology to improve business by securing, modernizing, and connecting applications, users, and data.
percentage of the global population that will be daily active users of superapps by 2027
trillions of dollars to be added to the world economy through digital transformation by 2025
percentage of global organizations expected to prioritize investments in digital tools to augment physical spaces and assets with digital experiences by 2023.


Security is in our DNA. We are cybersecurity professionals above all else and we maintain a security-first, zero-trust approach. With deep experience in cyber security, our experts will help you secure manage and monitor your environment. Taking a holistic view on security, we look beyond the incident to lead our clients strategically and effectively utilizing infrastructure telemetry, threat intelligence along with AI/ML enabled tools. We connect disparate security technologies through automatable workflows enabling our SOC to effectively carry out incident response and operations at scale. This is our ARMOR™ (Assess, Remediate, Monitor, Operate, and Regulate) framework.


Our modernization strategy starts with the applications down. Unlike traditional VARs, who look at the infrastructure first, we look at the applications, evaluate the best modernization approach with our patent pending AXIOM™ (Architect, XForm, Innovate, Operate, and Manage) framework. We help you decide what applications are ideal candidates for modernization while always keeping security first. From rehosting, refactoring, micro services, Kubernetes, — your plan can take many shapes. Our team will help you decide the best options for application modernization, security and then the best infrastructure (on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, serverless), and networking options.


Today’s connected video-first hybrid work environments, distributed data needs, and multi-cloud applications require strategies that bring together users, applications, and information regardless of platform—a transformative business opportunity. Be it multi-cloud networking, advanced collaboration solutions, or customer success contact center solutions, turn to the experts at Driven. With our patent-pending ATOM™ (Architect, Transform, Operate, and Monitor) methodology, we can help evaluate your current environment, analyze your business needs, and deliver customized solutions to unlock the full power of today’s connected world.


We select, evaluate and build custom solutions with some of the world’s leading hyperscales, security, software, and hardware manufacturers.

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