We Think Security Every Minute of Every Day So You Don’t Have To

Driven’s patent-pending security methodology, where we Assess, Remediate, Monitor, Operate, and Respond to customers’ security needs and postures

True Customized Security

Full-Range Services Tailored Around Your Needs, Not The Other Way Around

In today’s environment, no matter what industry you work in or how centralized or dispersed your workforce is, nothing is more important than ensuring that the security of your IT environment is constant and reliable. Even the smallest vulnerability can bring business as you and your company know it to a halt.

Driven Technologies’ ARMOR™-powered security services are designed to help predict, detect, and mitigate existing and emerging threats. Each of our solutions is tailored around your business needs and the structure of your company to make sure that you are protected both for today and tomorrow.

Today’s IT landscape is more distributed than ever.

Hybrid work distributes users and devices across multiple locations. Their apps and workloads are also distributed across multiple locations: public internet, multi-cloud IaaS, data center, etc.

Complexity is the enemy of security and speed

IT Teams are tasked to protect their organizations in the face of this complexity, however there are many reasons why enterprises have slow threat response.

What we deliver to each of our clients from onboarding to fully operationalized.

  • Assess all business-releated assets, appliances, security technologies, operating systems, and scope of protection
  • Regulate by automating anything deemed repetitive by an analyst. Engineer the alerts feeding the SOAR platform.

  • Operate and stop any perceived or real attack through monitoring and hardening of the client’s environment
  • Remediate potentially malicious activities and generate incident notifications

  • Monitor all incidents to include the root cause, impact, and remediation steps

What we deliver to each of our clients from onboarding to fully operationalized.

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