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Why Driven Technologies? Security & Applications First

A modern view of IT challenges must take into account the changes facing companies and how they view security as a whole

We start with a security and applications-first approach and work our way down

Driven Technologies is just that, a Driven organization providing a world leading architectural and engineering team partnering with the industry’s best solutions transforming technologies of today, and the future. People, process and transformation is key to our strategic alignment(s) with our clients and partners.

We approach all engagements with a precise methodology focusing to Secure, Modernize, and Connect……….transforming for the future. Our world class Armor methodology is an industry leading MDR/SOC and NOC solution, ultimately enabling clients to focus on their business and customers.

Customer Satisfaction

External dependencies are exponentially growing

Your apps, people, and data are all distributed.

  • Cloud is the new data center
  • Internet is the new network
  • SaaS is the new app stack – not just for your employees – apps are built on top of other apps
  • Home is the new office

The Driven Difference

Our mission is to think “security first,” while ensuring we embed cyber security into the organizational DNA at every level. Our Architects, Engineers, Analysts and even our PMO are all in lock step.


Our solutions architects assist in the creation of a technical answer for your specific business problem by providing recommendations and roadmaps, performing design and performance analysis, and providing technical leadership throughout the project lifecycle.


Our Project Manager are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of your projects while ensuring we stay on time, on budget, and within scope.


We are trained in the development and implementation of your required solution. We will develop tools, implement designs, and integrate technology required to assure your overall business success.


The goal of our SOC is to help you maintain optimal overall security posture to enable performance and availability of your network and staff, ensuring continuous uptime of your services and your business.

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